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Manatt Digital Media is a disruptive one-stop digital media professional services business created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, whatever the size or stage of the company.

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Panelists at VRideo and VideoInk VR Event - VR Playhouse, Mirada Studios, and USC Entertainment Tech
To understand what the VR distribution pipeline will look like, a stroll down memory lane vis-à-vis online video will be instructive. Read More
Until fairly recently, traveling abroad and keeping up with my favorite TV shows while away were mutually exclusive. In my trip last month to India, I discovered that it’s getting easier and easier to stream U.S. content in foreign countries. Read More
Manatt Digital Media_RBG
In this edition of our MDM newsletter, we walk you through some of those major developments that set the stage for ever-bigger and transformative changes in the coming months. Read More
Oculus Rift Development Version
Virtual reality is not new. The technology has been around for 20+ years, but has lacked widespread distribution and consumption due to limiting factors in technology and content. That is changing now. Read More