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Manatt Digital Media is a disruptive one-stop digital media professional services business created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, whatever the size or stage of the company.

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Granted, most music publishers don't go after people with aggressive letters, but it is no secret that video creators are constantly surprised by rightful infringement claims from songwriters, publishers and record labels. Read More
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“VR technology will transform every industry over the next decade or two, just as the Internet was nascent twenty years ago but now is ubiquitous.”—The River Manifesto Read More
What if we could project the musicians and artists onto a second stage in a remote location to simultaneously perform for a live audience there as well? Crowder, a USC grad with a BS in Industrial Systems Engineering and a MS in Engineering Management, went to work. Read More
This past Friday, the FTC issued revisions to its FAQs on the Testimonial and Endorsement Guides. In general the Guides require that any material connection between an endorser and an advertiser must be disclosed. Read More