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Manatt Digital Media is a disruptive one-stop digital media professional services business created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, whatever the size or stage of the company.

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Digital influencers – popular personalities on YouTube, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and other social platforms – are increasingly attracting a large share of the consumer attention pie and are transforming the rules of engagement with millennials. Read More
Just like Webster's continuously expands to meet the changing language of the times, the OTT video and digital media/tech dictionary expands to more accurately reflect movement in the overall space. Read More
Last night, leading food & travel MCN Tastemade (headquartered just down the street from us here at Manatt Digital Media in Santa Monica, CA) held an exclusive invite-only event announcing its new partnership with Apple TV Read More
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In the last two months, Virtual Reality (VR) has become the featured event in the media and in industry events, creating great buzz and excitement around the possibilities for transforming user experiences across all domains. Read More