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In 2013, the Latin American market, which has the fastest growing internet adoption, has reached a tipping point with the internet penetrating 50% of the population.  Particularly in Mexico, users are online for an average of 14.8 hours, and 61% of that time is spent by young people. Mobile penetration has also grown – Mexico’sRead More Read More
By Jesse M. Brody. In an important development for advertisers who wish to use promotions to build their page “likes” on Facebook, the social media platform has changed its policy with regard to how advertisers may obtain a consumer’s “likes.” For many years, marketers have often required consumers to like a company’s Facebook page toRead More Read More
Twitter is now testing a new e-commerce functionality, which enables users to make purchases directly from a tweet, with a few brand partners and a small group of users. Social media can now becoming another channel through which brands can directly distribute their products. Read More
Stephanie StyleHaul
StyleHaul is one of the leading and “buzz-worthiest” multi-channel networks (MCNs) around, vertically focused on all things fashion & beauty. StyleHaul caters almost exclusively to a young female demographic and is on the tongues of many in the media and brand business at the highest levels right now Read More