Vendedy Wins $75K Digital Media Startup Pitch-Fest at DEW Expo 2015

Today and yesterday, Manatt Digital Media (MDM) sponsored, and participated in, the second Digital Entertainment World (DEW) Expo in LA (MDM’s Peter Csathy moderated an A-list all-CEO MCN panel).  As part of our sponsorship, MDM contributed $50K of the total $75K prize package in the form of: (1) a $25K investment in the company (in the form of a convertible note); and (2) $25K in business consulting and legal services.
And, tonight, MDM announced the winner of this year’s startup Pitch-fest … “Vendedy” (Founder & CEO Christine Souffrant is pictured here holding the check).  Souffrant describes Vendedy as being “Etsy meets eBay for street vendors” globally — and Vendedy’s A-list partners including IBM and the Clinton Global Initiative (from which it has received funding).
Vendedy is an incredible story — and compelling vision.  Just watch this video.
Vendedy was pronounced “winner” by a panel of judges — and it encapsulates the power of “digital”: (1) global/borderless; (2) the impact of compelling visuals/images; (3) the power of micro-transactions in our new digital “share economy” world; and (4) the concept of social impact, which is increasingly important to millennials and all of us alike (which the studies show).